AC Gas Refilling


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Get Gas refilling at an attractive prices.

Inclusions & Exclusions
  • Prices shown are for labour charges only.
  • Consumables and parts (if used) will be charged extra.
  • Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer only.
  • Maintenance Men providing 7 Days service warranty for Wet servicing & 30 days for Repairing & Gas Refill.
  • If any repair work is required, a quote will be given before proceeding.
  • We do not provide any warranty on appliances that are older than 4 years at the time of service. Also, Maintenance Men service provider might deny the service if the appliance is in old or un-repairable condition.
  •   Maintenance Men does not provide material bills. It will be separately provided by the technician.
  •   leHousejoy will not be liable for any pre-existing issues/potential risks reported by the technician but not handled due to customer refusal to repair the same.
  •   Maintenance Men is not responsible for any loss or damage to any valuable or breakable item when the service provider is in your premises. Advise you to keep such items in a safe and secure place and supervise the service provider during service.
  •   We do not repair Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Strongly advise for replacement of faulty PCB. No warranty in repair cases.
  •   We do not repair or service built-in Microwaves.
  • Checking whether the air filters are clean and evaporator / condensor coils are dirt free.
  • Check for any obstructions, including buildup of debris on the air handler blower fan and make sure the condenser fan is operating correctly.
  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the AC unit and check for any leakage in the coils.
  • Checking of the Pressure On The Gauges.
  • Thorough inspection of the AC to check for any leakages in the condenser coils and drain pipeline.
  • In case of an internal leakage, Nitrogen test needs to be done to identify location of leakage, charges for which will be extra.
  • Recharging of the gas as per requirement.


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